Author: Monica

Imagine making $100/hr….just imagine.

What type of corporate job pays that much starting out?

That’s the average a Body Contour Specialist running her own business makes!

How? You may be wondering.

Well  let’s do the math…

The average treatment price can be between $100 – $400.  Usually beginners charge around $100 per treatment.

Each treatment last from 30 minutes  to 1 hour.

And since you aren’t having to pay anyone out of that…you’re making exactly what you charge.

No more waiting on a raise, give yourself the raise you deserve!

We started off just like you.

Frustrated and over worked.

Frustrated and UNDER PAID!

We were tired of it and and took our lives into our own hands.

From real people just like you, come learn the ins and outs of Body Sculpting.

Receive access to sales scripts, theory, hands on training, cavitation machine, and the key to success in this Billion Dollar Industry.

Start making $1,500-$2,500 a WEEK as soon as you become a Certified Body Sculpting Specialist.

Ready to take your income to another level?

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